“We must never stop learning, because life keeps on teaching us, take on its challenges, and you will find life wraps up. Within the challenge great reward.”

Your Authentic Self

There is part of you engaged in this physical realm, that side that can feel the supple texture of fine leather, enjoy the flavor of a well prepared salade nicoise, absorb the beauty of mingling colors on a canvas painted by Marc Chagall, languish in the resonance of...

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7 Principles of a Top Performer

Permit me to begin with a conclusion I have come to after 28 years of studying and pursuing what makes the most unlikely person with the most unlikely circumstance come up with outstanding results, while some who are more likely and in the most favourable circumstance...

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7 Stages of Consciousness

The Mind is an unlimited resource.  We have seen such incredible growth in recent decades to prove it; exponential growth in industry, technology, agriculture, spirituality and an awareness of humanity in general.  This growth, this accelerated evolution of the Human...

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Become A Top Performer, Change your results in all areas of your life!

What Other People Are Saying?


‘Think for a moment…of hundreds of millions of dollars.  I can take you into corporations from Asia to America that credit John Kanary with sales increases in those numbers.  His information is transformational.  His presentation is perfected.  He is definitely effective’

Bob Proctor

International Life Coach and Best Selling Author, Proctor Gallagher Institute

‘Through John’s guidance and coaching skills I have progressed and achieved every goal I have ever set, culminating when I achieved the distinction of being the #3 Re/Max Agent in Canada and the #10 Re/Max Agent worldwide.’

Sandy Kennedy

CEO, Re/Max Brampton Inc. 2000

Some Of Our Clients

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