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Your Authentic Self

There is part of you engaged in this physical realm, that side that can feel the supple texture of fine leather, enjoy the flavor of a well prepared salade nicoise, absorb the beauty of mingling colors on a canvas painted by Marc Chagall, languish in the resonance of...

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The Power of Habit

There is nothing more powerful than habit. Constant action leads to habit. But here is what I want to ask you? Do you really need to change your habits or just replace them? You can also watch this video about the power of habit on YouTube. Are you ready to take your...

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Desire Expectation Action

You can also watch this video about desire expectation action on YouTube. Join me this Tuesday, November 24th at 12pm EST for a free webinar with my good friend an performance coach Jim Ruta. [button link="" type="big"...

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Why People Say Yes?

45 years ago something happened that changed my life. Everybody who I came in contact with said "YES" to me. Why did that happen? Was it my attitude? My choices? It was a difficult time in my life when I didn't have money. My wife Maureen and I were living in a motel...

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Reactive vs Proactive Goals

Why people don't achieve goals? I believe it is because people have reactive goals. Which are goals that are given to people by somebody else. Their company, family... That is working without your potential. You should have your own goals and be passionate about them....

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Consistency is Key

I would like to thank my good friend Brian Mennis for taking the time and sharing some valuable ideas how to be focused and consistent in your journey to success. You can watch this video with Brain Mennis on Youtube. Create some fire and pass the torch!...

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Taking Action

I asked my dear friend Jim Ruta to share some valuable insights about taking action. Where is the missing peace in your journey towards your goals. You can watch this video about taking action on YouTube. Create some fire and pass the torch!...

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