John’s programs, classes and seminars are known the world over for their impact, accessibility and results.  JK’s courses are available at your office, a third party location or conveniently online through webinars, live seminars or one-on-one coaching.

7 Steps to Achieving Massive Success in The Next 60 Days – Free Webinar

Join John Kanary for this 1 hour webinar and discover how clarity in your vision, passion in your purpose and making a non negotiable commitment can guarantee success in any area of your life. Have a notepad and pen ready.


One of the world’s premier programs on personal growth and lasting success.  A program for people looking to get more out of life by improving their personal and professional skills to become more effective.  A program built on the sound principle that each of us has an innate richness waiting to spring forward with more life, once the self-imposed limitations are removed.

This is our flagship program named after John’s best-selling book and has been taught around the globe to people in all walks of life.


What are the qualities of a Top Performer? Are these qualities transferable? This program details the foundation upon which a truly successful life is built. John masterfully weaves together personal development techniques and sales strategies into one phenomenal fabric.

You will learn…

  • How to make the mind-money connection;
  • How to communicate more effectively;
  • Prospecting:  How to develop a mindset which attracts the right people;
  • Relationships:  How to create the right atmosphere for harmonizing goals;
  • Objections:  How to conquer any objections;
  • Closing:  The ultimate skill with which you will become a natural.


Every organization is the sum of it’s parts. The objectives of this program are;

  • to have each member of the team create a ‘Winner’s Image’ recognizing their importance in the bigger picture;
  • to have Leaders improve results through inspiring desire in the activities of others;
  • to have Team Members improve their effectiveness through their own sense of leadership;

John will develop comprehensive team philosophies, develop the awareness of the link between positive beliefs and constructive habits, create new scripts that will move team standards and communication to a new level and found new avenues of trust.

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