The Kanary Team is proud to provide a complete ‘out-of-the-box’ training and development solution for your leadership team.  Our Facilitation Program is designed to develop key people into becoming more effective leaders through the following innovative techniques and materials;

  • A 240 page comprehensive Mastery Guide for the Leader;
  • An extensive, exercise-driven Mastery Action Planner for the Leader ;
  • Digital ‘print-ready’ Facilitation Workbooks for the Leader’s Team;
  • Digital ‘print-ready’ Facilitation exercise-driven Action Planners for the Leader’s Team;
  • A Complete two tiered Assessment Module based on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation model including workbooks for both the Leader and team members, so both sides can evaluate performance and recalibrate in tandem;
  • Online Conferencing initiatives; your own Cloud with immersive environments, video streaming, file sharing and more further elevating performance through round table feedback conferences, circles of influence, performance evaluation presentations and information sharing;
  • Ongoing support through John’s Coaching Initiatives and the Kanary Team’s Event Planning, Design Talent and more founded on our well-reputed brand;
  • A fully customizable solution to increase performance, drive results and bolster your entire life!

We provide an opportunity for others to build a coaching career and programs directed towards sales managers, leaders and trainers looking to enhance their coaching skills. We are constantly developing a team of professionals from all walks of life who have a keen interest in the dynamics of human potential. Having worked with some of the greatest minds in the field, we will share a wealth of valuable knowledge, keep you accountable to a higher expectation and have you connect to your higher power.

Coaching is a way of connecting with people and focusing on what is most important while maintaining a mind set of always looking beyond obstacles and responding creatively to them. No matter where you are in your life today, coaching can bring a new light, a new awareness and a set of techniques to deal with any situation.

Watch John lead a class here.

Contact us today for more information for our complete, ‘out-of-the-box’ Leadership and Training Program; John Kanary’s Facilitation!

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