John’s interest in the dynamics of human potential developed out of his boyhood love of sports achievement. Inspired by the programs created by the legendary Earl Nightingale, John applied the principles he was learning to his own life.  Here is a clip of John during Born Rich where he is discussing the wisdom of Martial Arts Master Bruce Lee.

John applied his inspiration to his business, achieving great notoriety in Sales in a multitude of industries before moving into the self development field with Bob Proctor where he shared in the teaching and development of the Born Rich program. Born Rich has been touted among the world’s best.Here is John during the Born Rich Program discussing Socrates and human Self-Image.

Here is a video of John presenting ideas from Breaking Through Limitations to the Young Polish Canadian Professionals Association (YPCPA) in 2011.

John has many friends and colleagues with whom he collaborates, such as Jim “The Energizer” Ruta.  Here the two inspirational powerhouses share their wealth of knowledge about the principles of human potential.

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