John Kanary

JohnKanaryHe is founder of John Kanary International; a leading personal and professional development organization dedicated, for over 42 years, to increasing effectiveness, unlocking potential and inspiring change, courage, commitment and tremendous results.

John has inspired thousands of individuals from all walks of life to understand and to realize their true potential. Imagine starting a dealership for an international office products company and becoming recognized just three years later as the number one dealership worldwide. Imagine entering the insurance profession and becoming the number one agent in a field of 12,000 throughout North America in just one year.

In 1974, John found his greatest passion – speaking professionally. The legendary Earl Nightingale and his timeless recording “The Strangest Secret” motivated him to make it his life’s work. He later met and joined
forces with Bob Proctor and jointly developed and built one of the world’s most popular programs, “Born Rich”.

“Born Rich” has been a part of great companies like Prudential of America, Metropolitan Life, Investors Group, London Life, Bank of Montreal, The National Hockey League, Singapore Airlines and The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company. These are just some of John’s clients that have had sales people, families, and executives use the tools from “Born Rich”.

Co-developing Born Rich and his own programs, “Breaking Through Limitations”, “The Top Performer” and “Building a High Performance Team” has been a passionate 20-year journey for John that shows no signs of slowing down.

As a Life Success Coach, John has spent the last twenty years conducting thousands of workshops and working with some of the greatest minds in the field. His list of clients include Prudential Assurance, IBM Canada, Investors Group, Mutual Life of Canada, Bank of Hong Kong, Great Eastern Life, Mutual Life of Canada and BWIA International.

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