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John Kanary is a leading personal and professional development coach who dedicated over 42 years of his life to increase effectiveness, unlocking potential and inspiring change, courage, commitment and tremendous results.

John has inspired thousands of individuals from all walks of life to understand and to realize their true potential. Imagine starting a dealership for an international office products company and becoming recognized just three years later as the number one dealership worldwide. Imagine entering the insurance profession and becoming the number one agent in a field of 12,000 throughout North America in just one year.

John's Programs

If you liked this audio, then you’ll love John’s audio programs, that you can instantly download and listen on any device.

  1. The Top Performer by John Kanary and Bob Proctor. Complete personal development and sales training program, includes workbook.
  2. Breaking Through Limitations. Turbocharge your goal setting, beliefs and sharpen your self image. Own and dominate your goals.
  3. Crack the codes to Success by John Kanary and Jim Ruta. Online video course that comes with a membership area and over 9 hours of high performance content.

“We must never stop learning, because life keeps on teaching us, take on its challenges, and you will find life wraps up. Within the challenge great reward.”

7 Stages of Consciousness

The Mind is an unlimited resource.  We have seen such incredible growth in recent decades to prove it; exponential growth in industry, technology, agriculture, spirituality and an awareness of humanity in general.  This growth, this accelerated evolution of the Human...

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Let’s Think About It Today

This is a new program that was inspired by my very good friend Andrej Urek. He told me I should make a short 3 minute video every week to share value and goodwill with you guys. You can watch this video about let's think about it today on YouTube. If you want to be...

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The Multiverse Within

Today’s Mental Vitamin, on a Sunny Sunday in Burlington, Ontario, will be attributed to a great thinker; Matt Ridley (The Rational Optimist).  His ideas are a wellspring of inspiration detailing the limitlessness of human ingenuity and the inexhaustible power of the...

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Become A Top Performer, Change your results in all areas of your life!

What Other People Are Saying?

‘Think for a moment…of hundreds of millions of dollars.  I can take you into corporations from Asia to America that credit John Kanary with sales increases in those numbers.  His information is transformational.  His presentation is perfected.  He is definitely effective’ Bob Proctor

International Life Coach and Best Selling Author, Proctor Gallagher Institute

‘Through John’s guidance and coaching skills I have progressed and achieved every goal I have ever set, culminating when I achieved the distinction of being the #3 Re/Max Agent in Canada and the #10 Re/Max Agent worldwide.’

Sandy Kennedy

CEO, Re/Max Brampton Inc. 2000

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