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Over 6 hours of world class material and workbook. The ultimate sales training program. Special guest on this audio is Bob Proctor.

Let me ask you these questions;
What will change if I don’t join the coaching program?
Do I have a support network to help me to succeed?
Do I have a proven and tested step-by-step system to help me achieve my vision?

This program details the foundation upon which a truly successful life is built. John masterfully weaves together personal development techniques and sales strategies into one phenomenal fabric. A twelve month, program designed to get you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically into living your purpose and achieving your goals.

You’ll discover and learn:

– How to make the mind-money connection;
– How to communicate more effectively;
– Prospecting: How to develop a mindset which attracts the right people;
– Relationships: How to create the right atmosphere for harmonising goals;
– Objections: How to conquer any objections;
– Closing: The ultimate skill with which you will become a natural.

“Think for a moment of hundreds of million dollars..…. I can take you into Companies from Asia to America with sales in those numbers, who credit John for the increase, his message is transformational, his presentation is unequaled and most effective.”
Bob Proctor

We learn every day about coaching and how to improve it but one thing we know, it is not therapy. The ‘coach’ keeps you focused on who you are: an intelligent creative person with enormous potential waiting to be developed.

Consistent and persistent effort will reveal, through awareness, what and how to move your life to greater levels for a healthier, happier, and wealthier way of life. Don’t expect the coach to have all the answers to your questions or to do it for you, the gift is having you discover the inner ability to identify a clear purpose with the Essential Vision and Goals that will determine the tools required to get you there.

My journey in coaching is simple, LIFE AND SUCCESS IS A JOURNEY AND NOT A DESTINATION, it is a journey of consciousness. A journey of moving through and beyond conditions and circumstance to achieve the mental, emotional, spiritual and financial success you deeply desire, this is what I do. This is what is most meaningful to me and please note I do not believe you can shade it in any area of life.




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