Today’s Mental Vitamin, on a Sunny Sunday in Burlington, Ontario, will be attributed to a great thinker; Matt Ridley (The Rational Optimist).  His ideas are a wellspring of inspiration detailing the limitlessness of human ingenuity and the inexhaustible power of the human mind.

Ridley says, “The most fundamental feature of the modern world since 1800- more profound than flight, radio, nuclear weapons or websites, more momentous than science, health, or material well-being- has been the continuing discovery of ‘increasing returns’ so rapid that they outpaced even the population explosion…The more you prosper, the more you can prosper. The more you invent, the more inventions become possible…The world of things…is indeed often subject to diminishing returns. But the world of ideas is not. The  more knowledge you generate, the more you can generate. And the engine that is driving prosperity in the modern world is the accelerating generation of useful knowledge…The dissemination of useful knowledge causes that useful knowledge to breed more useful knowledge….The wonderful thing about knowledge is that it is genuinely limitless. There is not even a theoretical possibility of exhausting the supply of ideas, discoveries, and inventions…It is a beautiful feature of information systems that they are far vaster than physical systems: the combinatorial vastness of the universe of possible ideas dwarfs the puny universe of physical things…(the well-known Limits to Growth report of the 1970s) underestimated the speed and magnitude of technological change, the generation of new recipes for rearranging the world…the amount of oil left, the food-growing capacity of the world’s farmland, even the regenerative capacity of the biosphere- these are not fixed numbers; they are dynamic variables produced by a constant negotiation between human ingenuity and natural constraints…We now know …that more than six billion people can live upon the planet in improving health, food security and life expectancy and that this is compatible with cleaner air, increasing forest cover and some booming populations of elephants”.

Essentially, WE are the most valuable resource, our power to manifest of unlimited supply. The combinatorial vastness of the universe of possible ideas dwarfs the puny universe of physical things.

Never, ever, ever limit your thinking.  Never dismiss an idea of positive value. Always embrace thoughts that shed positive light, positive emotion and empowerment into your life.  Nurture them and witness the Universe manifesting creation through you.

Create some Fire and Pass the Torch,




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