There is part of you engaged in this physical realm, that side that can feel the supple texture of fine leather, enjoy the flavor of a well prepared salade nicoise, absorb the beauty of mingling colors on a canvas painted by Marc Chagall, languish in the resonance of an orchestra playing a Mozart symphony or bask in the fragrance of cherry blossoms blooming in the springtime. This physical side of you is the gateway to and from your higher, preferred self. Your authentic self from which the energies of the Universe spill forth to express Creation. This Authentic Self is what we will be addressing today.

What is your authentic self? It is that deeper side of you. History has seen labels like ‘soul’, ‘spirit’ and ‘superego’. It is that part of you that is in direct contact with the energy that is the source of all things. Many years ago, JK began a Speaking company he called XOCES. The name was derived from the following definitions of each letter;

X is the great power that brought everything into creation. The alebraic equation for the unknown because no one knows what or where this power comes from, only that it exists.

O stands for the fact that the power has no beginning and no end but it’s perfect.

C, E and S represent Renee Descartes search for a meaning to his existence. He said ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’, which freely translated means ‘I can think, therefore I am One with this Power’.

Carl Jung said “The privelege of a lifetime is becoming who you truly are.”

Your Authentic Self is uncovered through aligning your thoughts, ego, soul or whatever definition works best for you, with that originating Power. This can be done through daily practice in the following ways:

1. Honesty, particulary with yourself. Napoleon Hill interviewed William Penn Patrick asking how a man at 25 years old went from being a school teacher in Modesta, California to winning the Horatio Alger award, the top ranking business award in the US, by the age of 31 with a company with 200, 000 people. He answered Hill ‘It was the day that I decided to absolutely stop lying to myself.’ This includes procrastination, negotiable deadlines and elastic personal values. Most of the time when we make commitments to ourselves we are subconsciously aware that it is a negotiable commitment. Always be true to your commitments. This is a Clarity of Purpose and the beginning of your truest self expression.

2. Powerful Self-Expression; you will no longer be held back once you’ve decided to be true to the commitments you have made to yourself. You have begun a path of courage and love where your desires and inspirations are greater than your fears. Full self-expression is absolutely necessary to sharing your preferred self with others and, in turn, drawing out the preferred self in others. This exchange of expression is where truly great things are achieved, great things in which you will develop an imitable level of self esteem and personal worth.

3. Truest Desires by defined Standards and Values; here your Clarity of Purpose and clear idea of what is acceptable and what is not refines your truest desires, galvanizes your dreams and eradicate those disturbed thoughts, fears and beliefs that lead to a thousand distractions. Why would you compromise the deepest desires that quell within your very soul by entertaining any disturbing or negative thoughts, by restraining your self when you define your values in response to negative circumstance or you allow negative circumstance to define your personal values FOR you?

4. Think Outside of the Box; begin thinking about your thinking and how you think. Your perspectives and what they mean to you, where you got them from. Decide if they fall into the values and standards you’ve defined for yourself. In identifying your perspective, you may discover a new direction or new values that you didn’t have before and this could be quite uncomfortable. That’s OK! That means you’re growing. Leave that comfort zone and don’t be afraid to redefine your values. It doesn’t mean you are negotiating that which we’ve suggested should be non-negotiable, it means that those values are growing too, organically, refining, aligning with a greater purpose. Bring in multiple perspectives. Anytime you can stand outside of any kind of paradigm, you are poised for growth opportunities.

5. Graceful, Grateful Service; in aligning yourself the challenge eventually becomes about sharing your greater purpose for the benefit of others in a nimble, enriching and compelling fashion. In this service to others, giving your time and now almost limitless energies to fuel both your passion and theirs, remain flexible, loving and transparent, maintaining a positive flow of communication in words, body language and thought patterns to release the authenticity that awaits. In this process of grateful, honest and positive service you are organically discovering and displaying your strengths which, in turn, develops strengths in others, and you achieve an ‘Abudance Mindset’; that special place where you are no longer searching for what you what in order to be happy but instead you are happy with what you have in the search for more. More for yourself and others. More for us all….

Take some time to put some of these elements into practice in your daily life and uncover some elements of yourself you may have not been aware of previously. We sincerely hope these ideas are of assistance to you in accelerating your performance and unlocking your potential.

Stay tuned…

Create some Fire and Pass the Torch,



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